Clockwork Commerce: A New Standard for E-Commerce

ClockworkCommerce Inc. (CCI) provides flexible, innovative site design on an open-source back end. We provide the ease of a template with the look and feel of a made-from-scratch custom site.

Our business model enables our clients to have maximum flexibility in their site structure and visual design. Graphic design, copy writing and editing, photography, and code programming are all handled in-house and can be customized according to the client's personal specifications.

Our security services are provided by THAWTE, the industry leader in 128-bit encryption and identity verification. We also assist our clients in maintaining their full site identity within the checkout area, which is unique among secure checkout third-party services.

Secure checkout is provided FREE of transaction charges. There is an initial one-time setup charge and a small yearly fee for renewal of the security certificate. There are no transaction fees or monthly costs, so operating expenses and profit levels are not affected.

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Clockwork Commerce e-commerce solutions